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Objective Guidance for Professionals
55 and Up

Tel: (601) 956-5181
Toll-Free: (800) 588-3517

COVID-19 Update: We have not experienced any disruption to our firm. 

We remain committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients and remain available to potential clients who are interested in evaluating our firm. 

"Finally, an advisor who addresses all our concerns
so we can work together on a comprehensive strategy."

You have been around. You have seen it. After medical school or your chosen advanced degree, you set out on building a career. You are smart and successful. Yet the demands of family and career have left you little time to focus on finances. The financial practitioners you have met so far were more oriented to their products than an overall strategy, but it was a way to get money put away for later. Now you realize the importance of a comprehensive plan. 

You want to get your financial matters organized so you can make informed, smart decisions, to maximize the probability of achieving all those things that are most important to you. 

We can help. 

Our clients typically fall into two categories: specialty physicians or retirees.  We work with professionals, primarily physicians, in the prime of their careers. They are smart, successful, and so busy they have trouble finding the time to organize and plan their finances. They seek an advisor but, even if they had the time, they are not sure where to look. Most have dealt with enough financial salespeople to know what they don’t want.  

Some of their top concerns include:

  • Accounts spread across different institutions and prior employers
  • Questions outside the expertise of their current advisors
  • Finding a way to pull everything together so that it is easier to manage
  • Making sure their spouse or family has a continuity of care if anything happens to them

Our mission is to guide you through a comprehensive plan. You want to make smart, informed decisions to achieve what’s most important to you. We are focused on attending to the details and moving you forward in a well-thought-out strategy. We always serve in the role of fiduciary. Learn more about the benefits of working with a fiduciary here. 

One client’s story illustrates how we are different.

“We knew we needed to talk to a different kind of advisor” reported the physician who had been referred to us.
They had questions about reducing taxes, estate planning, and managing their investment portfolio.
But every meeting with the previous advisor was about buying something new.

“Every time the advisor visited, he found some new risk if one of us passed away. So we bought more life insurance.
It got to the point where we realized we didn’t have a plan because we were continually buying something new. We realized there had to be a better way”.

Our approach is different. We do not sell products.

"It's not just about your money. It's about living your Ideal Life.®"
-John E. Bergland, Jr

We develop a comprehensive, personalized analysis of the full range of your financial needs and develop recommendations that touch each area of your overall financial strategy. 

Developing your strategy may include:

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Reviewing Your Tax Returns
  • Analyzing your portfolio
  • Reviewing pre-retirement and post-retirement income strategies
  • Reviewing your current estate plan
  • Reviewing your beneficiary designations
  • Wealth Protection
    (disability, premature death, catastrophic medical expenses, legal risks)
  • Discussing charitable giving

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