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Tel: (601) 956-5181
Toll-Free: (800) 588-3517

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Cyber Security is Important!

Emails are not restricted from sender to recipient.  Emails in transit touch many servers which may or may not be geographically limited to the United States of America.  Please treat all emails as though the content will be published on the front page of your local newspaper. 

There is a method to send confidential data securely.  It’s called Encryption!  Encryption comes in two forms: emails and/or attachments. 

Bergland Wealth Management, Inc. utilizes ShareFile for transmitting data securely.  ShareFile allows a secure method for email encryption and sharing confidential documents.  Our Email Us page is designed for guests to securely upload a document or quickly send a message.  Data sent via "Have A Question?" is not encrypted.  Please do not share confidential data here.  Please email Tiffany directly if would like to generate a secure email conversation.